LAS VEGAS!!! When you hear the name of this famous city, the first place you would have in mind is casino. Your trip will not be complete without playing the slots and taking a photo of the iconic Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign! In the hub of Las Vegas, I noticed that almost all the hotels has its own casino, even at the airport. Casinos in Las Vegas are very comforting, nobody asked for my I.D., I just walked in and sat in front of the slot machine and was offered a complimentary cocktail! Las Vegas must be one of the cheapest states in America if you know the whereabouts! So the next time you visit this city, you can hang around at any casino, play a few games, and stay for a while till you get tipsy. Also if there are more ladies in your group, you will likely get a free entry and unlimited drinks at night clubs. We were randomly asked by a man, if we were interested at coming to TAO Bistro/ Night Club at the Venetian Hotel, the deal compromised of getting a free entry for all of us and unlimited drinks for the ladies -- not too bad! Try not to hallucinate on alcohol though otherwise you will wake up in a hospital. But this is where the line "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" can be put to use! HAHA. The locals are very prompt in calling the ambulance if anyone passes out.

There are so many extreme activities you can do in Las Vegas including the most adrenaline pumping Stratosphere Thrill Rides which I never attempted. hahaha. But what I enjoyed most is the lifestyle outside the Main Street/ strip. Me and my partner walked for almost an hour only to get lost while looking for a laundromat. The city is a desert filled with Nevada houses, cactus in every block, isolated grass and scattered palm trees everywhere. Do not be surprised if you see a fit looking man asking for change, just give them loose change when in doubt. Better to lose 2 dollars than getting in trouble especially if you're by yourself, so my tip is, always walk with at least two friends, Las Vegas can sometimes be cruel.

Arizona! So we decided to rent a car and hit the road to Arizona! I have always dreamt of standing in two places at once-- at the border of Arizona and Nevada. It was hard to get used to driving on the other side of the road but my friend Nicole is an expert until we found ourselves on the wrong side of the road! (Waahhh!) We rented a van for 2 days, in fact the highlight of my trip was us, driving in the busy city of Las Vegas, unintentionally, on the opposite side of the traffic, so confused, running the red lights to be on the right track. I've never felt so violating in my entire life! But thank you LAS VEGAS!


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