Oh Japan, what a beauty you are! Thanks for the warm welcome during the post winter season (can't really say spring as it was too cold it could break my ears). I can still remember the excitement, that zsa zsa zsu feeling on the aeroplane enroute to Tokyo. What I had in mind was to eat a lot of sushi, but that thought shifted when we landed, as there's more to Japanese food than sushi. Surprisingly we had no trouble searching for vegetarian restaurants, there's always a vegetarian option on their menu. Vegetable ramen, matcha latte, matcha cake, matcha sundae, fresh tofu, fried noodles oh so crispy. Winning!

Before our trip to Japan, I watched plenty of youtube travel guide videos and come across a clip from a vlogger recommending a free website to customise day to day itinerary, so I did that! Thanks Odigo, smoothest travel ever! 

I, of course need to point out what I like about Japan! Clean, friendly, fun, extreme, advanced, and shakey (haha)! Yes it was shakey as I felt the ground move almost everyday! But nothing to be fretful about as all the people around me are used to these minor earthquakes. My partner barely felt it until I told him! And I had a thought...this country is indeed so unique, its imperfections make it so great and well reinforced! 

My favourite part of our trip was our visit to Mt. Fuji! Hell yeah we saw the iconic volcano! And I had to pay close attention and didn't take my camera out. The sacred Mt. Fuji contributes to Japan's physical, cultural, and spiritual geography. The volcano is mostly visible in the middle of winter because the air is dry, the clouds aren't congesting the peak of the volcano. In other seasons, like spring, only rarely it appears as clear as that on the post card! The day we went up was the beginning of spring, we saw it in our naked eyes, so towering, the peak is covered in blue-ish snow, surrounded by neighbouring golden brown mountains (i hope you can picture that on your mind), it was so majestic you'd feel an instant connection and some goosebumps. 

In the city, we felt like we were locals, thanks to google maps and Japan's easy subway system, 10x easier than that of NYC's. A FAQ about Japanese, why do they wear masks? The true answer -- most of them are allergic to pollen and this is the standard precaution. On some other occasion is because (you are somehow right) they have a flu and they are responsible enough not to spread the virus.

I traveled to Japan because I wanted to see the robots/androids, enjoy the Japanese cuisine, visit Mt. Fuji, and see the cherry blossoms! All ticked I must say! Japan genuinely blew my mind! Seven buttons on an automatic toilet seat, heated seats on subway, authentic sushi and ramen, cherry blossoms, sake (which i thought was a type of green tea and ordered a gazillion turned out it was a rice wine) meticulously programmed robots, anime bill boards, polite people, and inspiring fashion.

I hope you enjoy the video I have compiled, and a few photos. :)


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