New Zealand

Oh dear I scratched the surface of Middle Earth! WOOOO! This New Zealand trip was an impromptu travel alongside my partner and a good friend of ours as I wanted to be away somewhere peaceful on my birthday! And it happened! Since I live in Queensland, Australia, this was probably by far the shortest flight I've been just under 5 hours from where I live.
 I've been putting New Zealand off my bucket list because I heard it's no different from Australia. Well, that's what I heard from people who've never been to New Zealand! Until one day, I followed a lot of photographers on social media, those who are currently based in New Zealand and I said to myself, "Dude! What a gem!" and I wanted to be there on my birthday!

We landed in Christchurch and basically traveled by land in South Island. Everywhere I look, I just can't stop saying WOW! Towering mountains, charming waterfalls, lush rainforests, distinctive blue lakes, water streams where the water is 99.8% pure, pine trees with autumn leaves, majestic glaciers, you name it!

Turns out New Zealand is an enchanting place and forever deserving to be called the middle earth! To those seeking for an ultimate adventure, pls do not think twice and just book that plane ticket to South Island already!


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