Greece! (Athens and Piraeus)

The Calling of The Greek Gods
Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in Greek mythology. Characters with super powers fascinate me so much, so when me and partner flew to Athens, we really maximised our time exploring the city in a frosty and spitting weather. Yep that's right! When we were there the weather was slightly unforgiving. It rarely ever rains in Greece that is why it is a perfect holiday destination all throughout the year (except the time we were there. lol)

The centre of Athens is composed of old Greek buildings - some are preserved and some became a wall graffiti art like the ones in Berlin. In my opinion, the best part of Greece is the people. They are very helpful, similar to the people of Japan and Canada, and they are very hardworking. The city of Athens is very laid back, you will see a lot of well mannered vendors selling bags, snacks, juices every second block but no one will force you to buy whatever they sell. Most people who were born and raised in Greece speak more than two languages according to the Greek guy i was sitting next to on the aeroplane. This is because Greek is such a small country and nobody else speaks their language apart from themselves. Greece is still in recession so we had a great time shopping and binge eating! Cup of coffee for a $1, a serving of pastries for $1, fresh produce from $1/kg, a full course meal for $15, fine dining from $40, uber from $6, and many more!!! In the summer though, the prices would escalate but still is cheap compared to Paris.

You can watch this short video below.


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