Canada, the Great White North, the Land of the Free

There are countless of reasons why everyone from all over the world loves to travel to Canada. Not only because of its superb government, but also its remarkable diversity, from different languages to economic status, as well as from the rainforests of Vancouver to humongous glaciers in the Canadian Rockies.

Canada is a beer-loving country, very laidback like here in Australia except many young adults I've spoken to still lives with their very supportive parents, until they graduate college. I don't see this country as a melting pot but rather a cultural mosaic. A significant portion of its population is radically a different mixture of people. Canadians are like the western version of Japanese people, very kind and polite, law-abiding, honest, and literally everyone tries to help you in every way possible. Canada massively supports the human rights of the LGTBQ+ community. You will see plenty of pedestrian lanes that are painted in rainbow colours and the pride flags are everywhere. I have never seen anything like that before, I instantly felt so safe and welcomed. Almost all Canadians speak French and its like music to my ears! I just love different languages so much. We also went to "Wreck Beach" where everyone is naked and undoubtedly care free. I forgot to say as well, water bottles are almost non-existent in Canada and they encourage the masses to drink tap water because it is far more superior than the ones that are packaged, at least in Canada.

This country is picturesque. Everywhere you go is postcard perfect! We visited Whistler, an old resort town that will make one feel nostalgic. Lakes and mountains in this town go well together like peas and carrots.  If you really want to see lakes and glaciers in all their true natural glory, Canada should be on your bucket list.

Below you will see a video clip from this trip.


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