​Ninthsheep Issue No. 2


As we turn our gaze inwards by revisiting images that capture the fleeting colours and emotions of our lives (pixels and all), we see the world in a different way. It is a common practice to adjust one's focus as we zoom in and zoom out of life. There is a certain skill and grace in shifting the lens. If you zoom in too much, you amplify the noisy colours and shapes. Adversely, standing far back, you miss the finer details. Similarly, if you look closely at the cover image, you will see the reflection of the photographer being revealed in the lens. Whether it was intended or not, you will always discover something fresh - only if you look closely. In this book, as part of our creative exercise, we have curated beautiful images that reflect our immediate worlds. Images that are seen from our very lens that we are thrilled to share. These works are photographed and montaged into a collective abstract of visual inspiration. As a result: a highly personal visual diary; a mix-tape of memoirs; and a tumble of archive photographs. With fashion being our vernacular, we have created editorials that aim to speak our truth and highlight our intent - individuality. The beautiful clothing mostly from avant-garde designers such as Rick Owens and Margiela were instrumental for us in dilating our inner vision. In a world where flaws and imperfections are magnified tenfold, we strive to celebrate a life that is blind to fear and insecurity. The domestic confinement helped us recentre and thrive on creating. Through these images, we found our footing. We wanted this issue to be a language of togetherness and hope so we have collaborated with these talented contributors, whom we consider friends, with fresh perspectives and insightful narratives. Optimism is the by-product of this compendium, for during these uncertain times we can only re-focus our lens to crop out the bad energy in order to zoom into a new territory of lightness and beauty​

Together we present you, the second issue of Ninthsheep.

-Editor's letter

Issue no. 2 can be downloaded as ebook or pdf. Here is the link


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