Paris! (Can Not Wait)

When most people hear the word France, the first thing that pops on their mind is Paris or the Eiffel Tower. Well, this is true because one has to see the beauty of Paris and gaze at the intricate structure of Eiffel. There are so many fashion boutiques in Paris enough to overwhelm a person instantly and i think no matter how long you stay here for, forever will not be enough! How i wish we had someone with us during this trip who speaks fluent French because most of the locals here will speak french back at ya even if they're aware you're foreign. But of course we didn't mind, their language is like wind chimes to my ears. Paris is an expensive travel destination but you get everything you paid for well-worth because when you add french to everything, it gives it a first class touch! (french house, french vanilla slice, french bagel, french toast, french kiss?)

The only advise i could give to anyone who's planning to go to Paris is to secure your belongings especially in famous tourist spots. There was a group of gypsies who wanted me to sign a petition and they asked me if i speak english because they need help, oh boy we almost fell for their trap but we got away before they could even open my bag or grab my phone off my pocket.

Paris the city of Lights! The city of Love! The fashion Capital of Europe! When you stare at the tower especially at midnight, you adapt its character. Expect a lot of exciting and nostalgic moments playing and replaying on your mind. And the next morning you wake up, you look at it again and it gives you some reassuring lessons in life. Mine was to show up! JUST SHOW UP! Be present! Be there for someone, show them hope, and be the change you wanted to see in this world.

*watch this video i made*


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