New York, New York!

My first time in N.Y.C.! Our first time in the U.S.A.
What a beautiful moment to reminisce. My partner Karl and I, and our group of fabulous friends walked in the streets of New York City. The sharp cold wind burned our lips in the midst of winter season, a freeze in the brain, our bodies did not adapt quick enough. Big buildings, loud sirens, yellow cabs, fellow tourists, tour busses, it seemed very familiar to me. I said to myself "I will never get lost in a place I have never been before, if I did, then I'm lucky."

This is my amazing friend Nicole, not just a pretty face but she has a gorgeous back! I remember our messy hotel room in Chelsea but we did not care less about anything else. Our stomachs began to rumble. We knew we would not get a long rest as soon as we landed at John F. Kennedy airport. There is no way we will waste our first night in the city that never sleeps.
The following day, we were on a mission to find the perfect breakfast place. One block later, we decided it is convenient to enter the first cafe we see as we could not bear the cold weather anymore. Layers over layers did not solve the problem, but coffee did! 

Every street in New York may look the same but it has its own unique ambience.  But one thing is for sure, you have to look up to see the best view!

This fabulous chick knows how to run the city! She caught a local New York photographer's interest for walking in the snow with her stilettos on the slippery wet pavements to attend a Broadway Show.

This is my beautiful friend Crazel. You will never see this chick cosily covered with heavy jackets and eskimo hat in Australia. But in New York she had no option.

This is my friend Reggie. I forgot to take a photo of his famous shoes while we were in NY. I did not know how popular Yeezy shoes were until at least 5 guys walked up to him and complimented his shoes! My friend Reggie is the only one who did not have mood swings. The rest of us did! 
This is my squad. From your left there is Karl, me, Nicole, Reggie, and Crazel. Of course we looked so happy until we unleashed our bitch sides to each other but that completed the whole trip! We bite but we do not take it seriously. We love how we annoy each other at the end of the day.

After we had the most exquisite Japanese noodle soup, we decided to visit the top of the Empire State Building just 10 mins before it shuts. And guess who did not make it on time? haha

Me and my partner Karl. Our 'me time' in New York! Karl always loves a quiet moment, stopping for a while to take every molecule of air there is. Sometimes I'm like him, but most of the time, I'm his opposite. I am a person who's always in a hurry, like I have a dead line for everything. haha
Many groups of people walk together on the Brooklyn Bridge. Some are group of three, some are family of 4, couples, and  a number of individuals who are strongly independent. From what I have heard, the beauty of NYC is its melting pot character. 

The next night me and Karl made it on top of the Empire State Building and Reggie, Nicole, and Crazel took a subway to Queens.

We got lost while trying to locate Bradshaw's Apartment (from sex and the city). One of the most unforgettable days of my life is experiencing the New York snow (with my partner Karl who has never seen a snow before) in front of Carrie B's Apartment! We stressed a man who lives just underneath Carrie's apartment because we're loud. By loud, i mean VERY LOUD! That's why I love my friends so much!!! :P
It was Valentine's Day when I captured this photo. I can not help but wonder, how many people travelled to this city to find LOVE?

Until we meet again New York!


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