Happy In Black

My favourite among these photos is the last photo. My goal in life is to make my boyfriend happy. I can't resist his smile, the most adorable i have ever seen, so sweet and delicate like a child. As a couple, you always need to give your best to one another and continue loving each other.  Our relationship is very colourful and tasty, it is never bitter.


  1. Based on components, the trade has been segmented further into hardware, software, and services. The 3DP hardware element phase has been bifurcated by printer kind, know-how, Disposable Shower Caps functions, vertical, and materials. The software phase is further categorized by printer kind and software kind. The software element phase is predicted to witness important growth through the forecast interval. The polymer phase accounted for the second-largest income share in 2021. The ceramic materials phase is predicted to witness appreciable growth through the forecast interval.



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My name is Larrend Lacuesta and I own Ninthsheep. Ninthsheep is a photography service in Gold Coast, Australia. My work has been published on international magazines and books. I started photography as a hobby in 2010 and officially started operating as a business since 2018. Feel free to navigate my website to know more about me. To book a photo session or if you have any enquiries pls DM me on instagram @Ninthsheep.Larrend or use the contact form on the left side or send a direct email to info@ninthsheep.com