It is our Grand One Year Anniversary! We have never become contented in our lives until we met each other. Karl, you are my perfect cup of tea. I can't believe you are beside me in this very special occasion watching me making this blog post and i cant be happier. This is our day! The day we've anticipated for 365 days! (continue reading below...)

(Take time to play this song)
(Take time to play this song)

This may sound arrogant of me but I remember the time you said I am the only guy that kisses your lips before you even fully open your eyes in the morning, the guy that tells you you look good and handsome even without make up on, the toughest and bravest guy that introduced myself to your parents. You told me I'm the only guy that gives a shit when you get home late, the only guy that limits your late night parties, the only guy that scolds you when you eat too much fatty, the only guy that noticed your eyebrows and plucked them out immediately because I reckon it would look better, the only guy who's proud to hold your hands and kiss you in public.

I don't wanna be the guy that doesn't say what he does not like about you and hides the hatred. I wanna be the guy who is vocal and loud so that you would know what runs through my head. I am the only guy that laughs so hard when I win in convincing you to pull a funny facial expression for me.

I am the guy that gets happy when I get letters from you, the guy that gets happy when you pick out flowers for me, the guy that laughs so hard when you get scared of my ghost pranks because I find it cute when you get scared, I am the only guy that loves buying cake but gives up on eating it after a few bites and leave the rest to you, the guy that wants you to be good in doing household chores, the guy that preserves the flowers you sent me because I couldn't just throw them after I gave them names, the guy that loves cuddles but cannot sleep properly when being cuddled (weird), the guy that doesn't worry about anything when you are by my side, the guy that keeps an eye on you when you go to the toilet in a pitch-black night. I am the guy that uses your toothbrush even if you bought me my own brush, the guy that doesn't let you touch my face because you always tell me not to touch my own face, the guy that kisses and watches you while you are asleep at dawn, the only guy that wants to see your face while you take a poo(p). The only guy that shows you huge crabs yet i know you despise them, the only guy that meddles about the changes you wanna do with your looks because I want us to look like twins, the only guy that does not allow you to drink alcohol unless I am with you because I know your tolerance level and I wanna take care of you when you consumed a little too much. I am and always be the man who will forever be by your side until we grow old.

I love you my beautiful sunshine, my wild storm, my dream, my wife, my forever companion, Karl.
Cheers to this day! HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY to us!

Your Babycake,


  1. youre the sweetest babycake. i love you deeply.. no numbers can define it.. mwag



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