MANCANDY: Your Future

MANCANDY is a contemporary brand for both men and women based on the idea of creating luxury clothes from street wear.

The best thing i like about these pieces is the contrast, either it is black on white, red on white, bright orange on anything dark, or the vise versa, it is indeed very futuristic and edgy. What attracts my eyes is the way the designer wants us to see the simplicity and richness of his work (very playful). The way the models were styled on their sheer tops and bottoms, you wouldn't see a lot of layering (which i like the best). Your body will become a part of what you are wearing, your skin plays a big role with your outfit. 

The brand Mancandy was founded by Andres Jimenez in the year 2007. He is one of the most humble designers in the world, not to mention very talentented and handsome. You can follow his creation on facebook and on twitter @MANCANDY 


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