Seventh Month

When you love someone, you don't give up after a painful fight. When you love someone, you fight for them and even the most impossible things become real. It's our 7th month together. My boyfriend Karl , told me that this is his first time to be in a relationship this long. It's my first time too. We had a huge fight last night , making our monthsary quite different. We have almost lost each other but we realized how impossible it is to stay mad for long. We are both programmed to be with each other and it will stay that way until our hair turn silver. No one can ever replace the happiness we get from each other. People need people. People need love. All i wish is that our love will grow and improve as the years go by. True enough , this long distance has posed a very challenging position in our relationship but gratefully the odds are in favor of us and we will do whatever it takes to beat the walls, spaces, time and hindrances. If other people can be happy together after a fight, then we can too!  Im also happy that gay marriage is now legal here in Australia. I reckon we will be married here as soon as possible.  We will not let go of each other!


  1. thanks for existing thanks for loving me babycake

    1. baby i cant even stop loving you. i love you more every day



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