Sixth Month Anniversary

Time flies so fast and me and my boyfriend are getting stronger and more in love each day. Each new day brings a lesson to us that makes us braver and more mature. Karl is the first man that I have ever kissed and I am not ashamed and will never be ashamed to show the world how much I love him. His happiness is my happiness too. Both of us have our own weakest point just like everyone else, but we don't let these break us apart. It doesn't matter if we get mad with each other sometimes, as long as we always let the power of love win. I am here to bring him joy and happiness

It's so nice to think of the future with this man. Which countries are we travelling to? How many photos are we going to take? Where can we build our own home? What are we going to look like when we get old?

We are maybe apart in distance but never in heart.
Love is pain and sacrifice because no great love ever came without great struggle.

I love you Karl Philip Leuterio! Happy 6th Month Anniversary to us!

Your babycake,


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