STONE New York

I have been obsessing about this clothing brand and their impeccable designs because I find it very clean, sexy, sporty, luxurious and of course masculine. Wearing this type of clothing with a 100% Italian wool blend material and a 16 inch minimalist designed animal fur, skin, and leather around the back would make you look very elegant and fresh. It is just so pleasant on the eyes and it is something I would consider wearable in public (easy on the eyes).
Dana Mason and Bradley Dakota Scott have come up with a great idea to make a very unique trademark for their brand. I can foresee that in a few months time, STONE New York will be renowned in Australia and all around the world. I would like to see all the men and women showing their "animalistic" side without being naked!
I just can’t get enough of their designs and I am so excited to purchase a piece from them and be the limelight when I go on an exclusive event or even in the clubs that I go to. Just add a pair of tailored pants, a plain shirt underneath your STONE New York garment, a pair of cool shoes, and a hat, and you are ready for an event without looking so desperate. Even if you just sit around the corner, I am positive that people would get with you (winks).

You can purchase a piece on They have 33 circulating pieces at the moment and I am excited to see their newest collection very soon.


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